What can we design?

Whether you plan to enhance just part of your garden or transform the whole area we can tailor our garden design service to suit your requirements.
The garden design process is very flexible, therefore our garden design service is too. It begins with a Consultancy Visit where we spend time with you in the garden to help decide if you need a full detailed plan or whether some simple sketches will suffice. After this initial consultation the design process usually follows several distinct logical phases as outlined below although some steps could be missed depending on the size of the project.

Our Designing includes:

  • 2D drawing including Lighting, Drainage and Planting Scheme
  • Conceptualization of a new space or re-design
  • 3D visuals of the scheme as per request.
  • Material palette (choice of materials for use)
  • 3D visuals of the scheme as per request

We Make Your Outdoor Spaces Beautiful.

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