Have you ever imagined plants growing upside down?

plants can grow upside down….yes!!!!! It’s true, you can grow plants upside down when you plant it in a upside down planter!!!!!

How Do Plants Know Which Way Is Up And Which Way Is Down?

When a seed is buried in a pot, in a dark condition where there is no light or sunshine. how does it know which way is up and which way is down?
It does know!!!! Seeds routinely sends shoots up towards the sky and roots down. Darkness doesn’t confuse them, they just get it right.
More intriguing, if you turn a seedling (or a whole bunch of seedlings) upside down, the tips and roots of the plant will sense, “Hey, I’m upside down,” and will wiggle their way to the right direction, doing a U-turn

How do they know?
We humans have teeny crystalline stones floating in our ear cavities that literally sink in response to gravity, telling us what’s up and what’s down. What do plants have?
Plants have special cells right down at the tip — the very bottom — of their roots. And if you look closely, inside these cells there are dense, little ball like structures called “statoliths” which comes from the Greek, meaning “stationary stone.”
If pebbles are put inside the jar, the pebbles will roll to the side of the jar, and settle down at the bottom.
If the same jar is turned upside down, the pebbles will drop into the cap, which used to be the top but is now the bottom.
Basically these little pebbly things respond to gravity. In a plant cell, gravity pulls them to the “bottom,” and once they find a resting place, they can send signals to neighbouring cells in the plant essentially saying, “OK guys! We now know where Down is. Those of you that need to go down (root cells), go this way! Those of you who need to go up (the shoot on top), go the other way!”
Thisis how plants figure out where “down” is. They use little statolith balls as gravity receptors.
So the next time you pass a tree, a flower, a grape vine, grasses, bushes, vegetables any plant that seems to be reaching for the sky, that plant may be going up not just because it wants to be kissed by the sun, but also because down at its bottom, in cells rooted in the Earth, it’s got itty bitty rocks telling it, “go thattaway!”

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