How “gardening” helps “Autistic” people to blossom



Autism is a neurological disorder that interferes with normal brain activity. Children with autism usually have communication problems and social skills. A lot of children with autism do not show affection. Some loud noises and smells are upsetting to them. Severe cases of autism cause speech delays and some children never learn to speak. Repeating behaviours is beneficial for children with autism; however changing things around is also helpful to help the child learn coping skills. Although a child with autism is different, they still feel emotions just like other people and should be treated with the same respect.


Gardening is a fine art which connects soul to soil and helps to heal, this can be called as “Horticulture Therapy” – its a form of therapy that utilizes horticultural actions and plants to heal and rehabilitate people with educational, physical, psychological, and social skills. gardening activities have been shown to improve the body, mind, and spirit of people. Spending time outside is refreshing and seeing plants bloom and grow can make a person mentally healthy by lifting their spirits. Horticulture therapy benefits are mental, physical, and social.

Horticultural therapy can offer cognitive and physical benefits to people on the autism spectrum disorder. Taking care of plants can help improve concentration and memory skills. A person with autism can find great joy planting things and watching them grow. Their self-esteem can improve and their social skills can grow from the socializing in the therapy.

Over time, the garden has become a bit like an open sensory room, only better – with crunchy gravel and slate pathways that make a delightful sound when you walk along them, tons of wildlife and many, many sounds, smells and sensory appealing details and areas to explore besides.

Of course anyone who gardens knows how good it can make you feel. Whether you’re a bit tired, have had a stressful day at work, or are dealing with serious depression or heartbreaking loss, the process of healing through gardening can be powerful. It enables us to take time out from the constant business, noise and over-stimulation of the 24/7 modern world and just be. It’s no wonder that those on the spectrum benefit greatly from any time spent in the great outdoors. being outside is of enormous benefit, it really helps them to process their feelings and emotionally regulate.

Gardening has the potential to empower those with autism – to build confidence that will flow into other areas of their lives, no matter where they lie on the spectrum. So often a diagnosis brings with it a negative perception which can be disheartening; all the more reason why building ability – and therefore greater resilience – is key.

Gardening has been life-changing to people with autism.

One thing’s for sure: The future will not be normal – it will be a veritable rainbow of vibrant difference instead. The world will be all the better for it.

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